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Anna Habre

Image consultant
Начало: Welcome

Who am I?

One of my dreams came true - to be myself through creativity, colours, style and beauty. With desire, with effort, with a lot of love and consistency. А dream behind which there is a lot of pain and an awareness of who I really am. I am colourful, real, straightforward and unexpectedly free, just as much as any woman can be. I have found myself and now I know that my path leads me to be your consultant, who through colors can bring out from you hidden confidence, recognition or pain, and this will connect you with your personal strength, and discovering your style will you achieve inner balance. It's worth the effort! Combining your personal strength with inner balance will help you achieve your dreams, as happened to me.

Every time I see how the woman against me transforms, how she shines, how she expresses herself in her true way, for me it is incomparable pleasure and magic, because she unlocks her inner potential for the time ahead. I experience it every time and I get excited. I give my maximum strength and energy and often see tears of happiness and hear the words - this is Me!


Colours have a big impact not only on how you look, but also on how you feel. They bring energy. 

The most important thing in determining your colours is to reveal the most of you. Make your face shine, look fresh, healthy and beautiful. Be yourself!


You want to show your true nature, to feel confident, to be yourself, to reveal yourself in all your glory - then I can offer you a session to determine your personal dress style. 

Colour analysis

Personal style


Tsvetomira Spasova

The adventure Anna Habre took me on more than a year ago is still going on. It's not just an analysis, it's about seeing yourself - the real thing. I learnt a lot. I took on new challenges. I became a better version of myself.


Boryana Peeva

My Color Analysis event was a magical experience of another self. It may sound incredible, but it's a fact. It has to be experienced, because there is no other way to realize the importance of colors in our lives. After that, I can't be the same person I used to be.


Iliana Dobrinova

I didn't believe green was my colour. It was a wonderful day when I realized that colour is very important to each of us and that it affects our vision. Such a powerful and challenging, incomparable experience. I wish everyone to understand the power of colours! I highly recommend!

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