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Personal Style

for the Ladies

Personal style session goes through different styles - Natural, Classic, Romantic, Dramatic, Angelic, Playful, Bohemian. You will wear clothes typical of each of the styles and we will combine them with the appropriate accessories, shoes and bags. You will notice interesting things - e.g. how your behavior will change with each of the styles. Those who are not yours will make you move and feel unnatural, it will not be you. When we find your Personal style, then things fall into place. The reflection in the mirror and your whole inner world will know that it is you.

It's magic!

A very important part of Personal style is to determine the proportions of your body and the cuts that are for you. If you need to balance your figure, I will show you how to do it - e.g. if your waist is low or high.

We will also pay attention to the hairstyle, glasses and makeup. They dress our face the same way our clothes dress our body and are part of our style.

Personal style consultation lasts about 3 hours and is suitable for all ladies.

Personal style together with the Colour analysis achieve completeness of our vision,  give us individuality and confidence, which help us to fulfill our dreams and realize our goals.

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