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Styling Consultation for Pregnant Women

Styling Consultation for Pregnant Women is a service that will help you choose comfortable, feminine, and why not sexy clothes during your pregnancy.


I remember how difficult it was for me to choose clothes during my first pregnancy. It was 15 years ago and there was almost no choice on the market. I always tried to look good, and when I got pregnant my body started to change and I didn't know how to dress to feel attractive again. It was very difficult and depressing for me that there were no clothes that would fit me well and above all to look feminine and sexy. It was different with my second pregnancy. Now on the market there is a large selection of clothes - for pregnant women, and not only. With a little more imagination, we can achive results so that you look and feel wonderful during your pregnancy.

At your Pregnancy Styling Consultation :

  • we will choose the clothes you will need during your pregnancy

  • I will advise you on the fabrics with which will make you feel comfortable

  • will help you choose the right accessories and shoes

  • if you are interested, I can advise you on the colours that suit you, using the method Colour Analysis

Styling Consultation for Pregnant Women includes 4 meetings - at the beginning of pregnancy, at 3, 6 and 8 months of it, the duration of each is 2 hours.

In case you contact me at a later stage of your pregnancy, we will further specify when our consultation meetings will be.

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