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Colour Analysis

for Gentlemen

Colour analysis determines which colour shades are best for you - those that are cold or warm, bright or muted. They are divided into four palettes - spring, summer, autumn and winter. We will look for those that make your face healthy and fresh, emphasize your overall radiance.

Once we have determined what your colour palette is, I will show you which colours you can wear for your everyday life - which are suitable for the office, for business meetings, for special events, for your free time. You will also be able to easily choose your clothes & accessories. 

As a present for you, I will provide you with a personal colour palette that will make it easier for you to choose your clothes & accessories.

Consultation Colour analysis lasts about 2 hours and is suitable for all gentlemen.

Colour analysis together with the Personal style achieve completeness of our vision, give us individuality and confidence, which help us to fulfill our dreams and realize our goals.

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