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Corporate Uniform Design

Corporate Uniform Design  is a service for creation of the uniform design your company wants to stand out.

In building the image of a company, the clothing employees wear is important. When a company decides its employees will wear a uniform, it is considered as corporate clothing that contributes to the company's image.


My mission is your employees to feel comfortable and to like their uniforms. My proposal to the company will be based on:

  • several models of uniforms / so that each employee can later choose which model to wear. I have learned from experience that if an employee does not feel comfortable in a particular outfit, then the service he/she will offer to the client will not be at the expected professional level. This might affect the growth of your business /

  • uniform colours in accordance with the colours of your company

  • if your business is a restaurant and/or hotel, the uniform will be in accordance with the style and the colours of their interior design  

From the service  Corporate Uniform Design could benefit:

  • companies whose employees work in an office

  • hotels

  • restaurants

  • fitness halls

  • SPA complexes

  • schools

  • kindergartens, etc.


For more information and prices about the service  Corporate Uniform Design  you can visit the Free Consultation section.

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